The First Siege took place on December 2nd. It was a forward attack by team Blue and ultimately resulted in Red team win.

Participants Edit

Participants on the Red team were Choco the Chocobo, PeteZahHutt, TNBRKenworth, Lachlan, TNNRfrangs and JAYG3R

Blue Team Participants include Vikkstar123, Bajancanadian, SideArms, woofless, KYR_SP33DY and N00CH

Deaths Edit

  • Side Arms was blown up by a creeper
  • N00CH was blown up by a creeper
  • Woofless was shot by PeteZahHutt. An assists was made by JAYG3R.
  • Vikkstar123 was slain by Chocothechocobo using a stone sword
  • KYR_SPEEDY was slain by Lachlan probably with a stone Sword
  • Bajancanadian was slain by ChocotheChocobo using a stone sword

Trivia Edit

  • This was the first major Conflict
  • All members of Team blue were Killed
  • Choco the Chocobo was the first recorded double kill