The Blue Dungeon Siege took place on December 22nd. The Siege was considered to be a 'Provoked' attack by members of Red Team. Blue team members told Red team members to leave Via Chat. This Battle Immediately Succeeded the Skirmish of December 22nd. The Siege was originally intended to take place at the Blue Base, but was moved to the blue easy Dungeon when it was discovered that the blue team was raiding its dungeon. The second half of the battle was trigered by disrespect on both sides. Blue felt disrespected by Red giving their gear back. Red felt disrespected when Woofless chased a member of red team, leading Red to reattack Blue. It is unknown why Woofless attacked red team, though his feelings of disrespect might have been part of it.

Participants Edit

Participants on the Red team were Choco the Chocobo(Briefly), JeromeASF, TBNRKenworth, TBNRfangs, PeteZahHut and Lachlan.

Blue Team Participants include Woofless, N00ch, KRY_SP33DY, Vikkstar123 and Side Arms.

Deaths Edit

Inside the Dungeon Edit

  • ChocotheChocobo was slain by Woofless. He was slain with an Iron Sword.
  • Speedy was slain by Kenny. Probably with a Sword.
  • N00ch was slain by Preston. He was slain with a Sword.
  • Woofles was slain by Kenny. Probably with a sword.
  • Side Arms was Slain by PeteZahHut. One assist was from Preston and a possible second by JeromeASF. Both assists used Flame bows. Side Arms was slain with a stone sword
  • Vikkstar123 was blown up by a creeper. It is of note that he was storing the gear and was unable to run away.
  • Speedy was slain by JeromeASF. He was slain by an Iron Sword
  • N00ch was slain by Lachlan. N00ch had taken several hits from a spider as well. He was slain with a sword.

Standstill Edit

  • Speedy was Blown up by a creeper. Preston nocked Speedy into the Creeper with his Iron Sword while trying to defeat the creeper.

Outside the Dungeon Edit

  • PeteZahHut was slain by Woofless. Probably with a sword.
  • Vikkstar123 was slain by a Spider.
  • Lachlan was blown up by a Creeper. Chat read that he fell from a high place.
  • Side Arms was Slain by JeromeASF. He was slain with a Flame bow.
  • N00ch was killed by a witch.

Trivia Edit

  • ChocotheChocobo requested not to have any good gear. The reason stated was that he was experiencing computer troubles.
  • Assists were difficult to determine as players were swinging at Mobs as well as other players.
  • Red team intended to return the Blue Team's gear post fight
  • Choco the Chocobo did not return to the fighting after his death. He also signed out before the second half of the Siege.
  • Members of Blue were accused of Cheating by member of Red. This was due to the fact that they were safe zoning outside the dungeon.