The Loot Drop of December 27th occurred when only five members of H3M were on. Blue team members, SideArms and N00ch and Red team members JeromeASF, PeteZahHut, and Landon. Five Loot chests were placed at spawn. A truce was in effect and it was decided that each person on the server would receive one loot drop. JeromeASF reported than the chests were glitched.

Post Event Duel Edit

A post even Duel was organized, with the winner earning a prize. Side Arms killed Landon in the duel. his prize was a block of snow and an Iron Chestplace(protection I, unbreaking II, Lionheart II). JeromeASF later threw Snow balls at them.

Loot Chest Drops Edit

Each person online recieved a lootchest drop as follows

  • JeromeASF
    • Infected Leather Helmet
      • Protection I
      • Unbreaking III
      • Infection III
  • PeteZahHut
    • 5 Sturdy Tourches
  • Side Arms
    • Side Arms did not receive a Loot Chest. He clicked out of the chest before getting his item.
  • Landon
    • Landon did not recieve a Loot Chest. His loot chest was given to Side Arms because of his misfortune,