Conflict is an Over Arching term for any Hostile Combat other than 1 vs 1. Non Hostile Combat is considered a Duel. 1 vs 1 is simply a Kill. On each Page, list the participants, Details on each kill and assists

Categorizing Kills and Assists Edit

As a general rule, a Kill is when someone is listed as the killer in chat. Someone is also credited with a Kill if they pushed someone into fall damage that killed them.

Assists are defined as some one hitting someone in the same volly that killed them.

Categorizing Conflict Types Edit

Siege Edit

A Siege is defined as a forward conflict by one team and a Defensive or Non-existent counter Attack by the other team. A Siege takes place on the other team's land. A successful Siege Kills all or most members of the Non attacking team. An unsuccessful Siege is when all members of the attacking team are either killed or driven to their side of spawn.

Massacre Edit

A Massacre is defined as a forward conflict where one attacker is against many defensive players. A massacre is separated from just a general combat situation in that the 1 kills more than 30% of persons on the defensive side. Massacres are always surprises to the other side (Discounting the spawn message). A Non Successful Massacre is defined as when less 50% of defensive players are killed by the Offensive one. A Successful Massacre is defined as 50% or more of the Defensive players being killed.

Battle Edit

A battle is defined as forward conflicts by both sides. There are two types of Battles

Spawn Battles Edit

Spawn Battles are defined as two forward conflicts that meet at spawn. The win is given to which ever team enters the other's side. If neither side reaches the other side, it is is defined as indecisive.

Other Battles Edit

Any other Battle is solely defined in kills. The team that has the most kills wins, regardless of when a team retreats.

Skirmish Edit

Skirmish is defined as an accidental conflict. Neither team intended to fight, but per game rules, The teams fight each other because of expectations of the other.

Determining Outcome Edit

Outcomes of battles are determined by how each team did in accomplishing their goals, as well as kills. Each type of Battle has its own way of determining wins and losses