The Battle of Choco Bait was the second in a series of 3 major conflicts occurring on December 12th 2015. Choco baited out members of Blue Team into a spawn battle

Participants Edit

Participants on the Red team were Choco the Chocobo, PeteZahHutt, JeromeASF and Landon

Blue Team Participants include Vikkstar123, Bajancanadian, SideArms, woofless, KYR_SP33DY and N00CH

Deaths Edit Edit

  • JeromeASF killed SideArms with an enchanted Stone Sword
  • Landon slayed KYR_SP33DY with an enchanted stone Sword
  • PeteZahHutt killed N00ch with a bow

Trivia Edit Edit

  • This was the second of 3 conflicts on this day
  • This is the second spawn battle of the day
  • Choco the Chocobo died during the standstill
  • Choco the Chocobo baited Blue team into this battle